Frequently Asked Questions

I have private health insurance. Is there a gap?
Dr McGregor participates in gap cover. There will also be an out of pocket expense from the anaesthetist.
Private health fund item numbers
All private health funds cover hernia surgery (bronze, silver or gold).
In case you need to check with your fund the item numbers used are:

30648- Laparoscopic or open Inguinal hernia repair

30648- Laparoscopic or open Inguinal hernia repair

30621- Umbilical hernia- small

30640- Large Inguinoscrotal hernia

30651- Ventral Hernia- small

30655- Ventral Hernia-large

30652- Recurrent groin hernia

Can I stay in hospital after my procedure or do I have to go home?
Dr McGregor operates at all North Brisbane Hospitals. Patients can either be treated as day patients or stay overnight as required depending on individual needs and the hospital of choice. Patients having large hernia repairs often need to stay in hospital for several days.
I am uninsured. Can I still have surgery?
We have treated hundreds of uninsured patients. A fixed quote can be given for your surgery. Dr McGregor has a private hospital (Intermediate) list for uninsured patients in the public system and this is a very economical way of funding your surgery. Most patients are surprised that the cost is much lower than anticipated. There are various other ways of funding it including accessing superannuation funds and clinic staff or Dr McGregors staff can discuss this with you at your request.
For an accurate quote please call 07 3910 5150.
Does surgery involve an anaesthetic? This type of surgery generally requires a general anaesthetic. Your anaesthetist will discuss this with you on the day of your surgery. A quote will be sent to you prior to your surgery from the Anaesthetist for your perusal. Some patients are not well enough to have a general anaesthetic due to age or illness and many hernias can be repaired under local anaesthesia and sedation.
Can I see Dr McGregor directly?
You are welcome to see Dr McGregor directly. You will require a referral from your General Practitioner. His rooms can be contacted on 07 3910 5150. Fax is 3910 5160. He consults at Redcliffe and North Lakes. Waiting times to see Dr McGregor are longer than to see Dr Watson. If an urgent appointment is necessary please let Dr McGregor’s staff know by ringing 07 3910 5150 and explain the situation.
I am not sure if I have a hernia. Can you still help me?
We are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of hernias. Many hernias do not require surgery. We can guarantee that you don’t have a problem we haven’t seen before.
Will the problem come back ?
All hernias have a chance of returning. The chances of a recurrence are influenced by many factors, such as ongoing heavy labour, smoking etc. The experience level of your surgeon is also recognised as a contributing factor in the chance of a recurrence. Dr McGregor is an expert surgeon and has repaired approximately 3500-4000 hernias. He is continuously evolving and improving his surgical technique to give patients the most permanent and long term hernia repair.
I have had an open groin hernia repair before but it has come back. Can I have a keyhole repair?
Having an open cut in the groin does not prevent subsequent keyhole repair. Keyhole surgery is ideal for recurrent hernia repair.
I have had a Caesarean and hysterectomy. Can I still have keyhole hernia surgery?
Dr McGregor has developed a technique to safely repair groin hernias by the keyhole technique after previous lower tummy incision (Pfannelstiel)
I have had a hernia return after a previous laparoscopic hernia repair. Can it be repeated ?
Robotic surgery makes it possible to redo laparoscopic repair of recurrent hernias
Can I have a vasectomy at the time of my hernia repair?
Keyhole hernia repair is a perfect time to have vasectomy as the tubes can be removed internally. Please discuss this with the Doctors if required.
I am a Workcover patient. Can you help me?
We are happy to look after Workcover patients.
I am a DVA Patient. Can you help me?
We happily look after all DVA patients.