Do I have a Hernia ?

Do I have a hernia ?

The common areas where hernias form is in the groin (inguinal), belly button (umbilical) and incisional ( site of previous surgery).
It is usually easy to feel a hernia. You may notice a bulge under the skin. You may feel pain when you lift heavy objects, cough or strain. Sometimes you feel a tearing pain while lifting and notice a bulge. There may be a squishing feeling when you push on the bulge. You may notice a lump and experience a dragging pain in the testicle or notice the bulge when urinating. The pain may be sharp and occasional or a dull ache that gets worse after a busy day on your feet.
Severe continuous pain, redness, and tenderness may be signs that the bowel has become stuck (incarcerated or strangulated) in the hernia. This is an emergency and you should seek urgent medical advice.